Has Facebook Doomed Marketers with New Algorithm Updates?

Here we go again with another Facebook algorithm change and what you need to know about it.

Ban the Click bait posts from your to-do list for your Facebook pages because Facebook announced they won’t tolerate it anymore.  Even in Facebook ads your post won’t be shown to nearly the amount of people it used to be released to before.

According to the Zuck, many users were complaining about seeing too many click-baity posts instead reading the update about their uncle’s sick cat and it was making them angry.

So for the sake of all cute kitten videos everywhere let’s block Fanpage posts that read, click for more info or give me your comment below.

Silly me, I thought the point of paying to boost a post was to get people to click on the ad but apparently not. It is ok however to post an ad, pay for it and pray that people click the pic without being asked to click it.  Really, who ever needed a CTA line anyway?  I can’t imagine why those things were ever invented!

Just in case you wanna know what NOT to post…. here is a quick list

  • Don’t ask for votes
  • Don’t ask for shares
  • Don’t ask for comments
  • Don’t ask for likes
  • Don’t ask to tag

Pssst… puts a damper on a “Likes” campaign doesn’t it?

So now what the hell are we supposed to do to market????

Get a new plan and a new platform that will allow us to market without making us jumps thru seven hoops first.

Infact, Stefan Ciancio gets upwards of 30,000 website visits a month with completely free traffic platform and strategy.

I honestly laughed in his face when he told me this but the evidence speaks for itself and he is killing it.

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