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Yes That’s Right, We are giving you a chance to win advertising space on “” For FREE when you register for the contest.


As soon as you register, you will get access to the “FB Live Profits” course, but that’s not it. We are running a huge contest right now, where you can win over $2000 worth of advertising space and advertise your offers for free on

Your offer will be in front of thousands of visitors that we receive daily, all interested in Internet marketing niche. You can promote almost any offer you want as long as it is related to Online Marketing or Digital Marketing. It could be your own offer, affiliate offer, list building freebie, services or anything you like.

Let me show you the actual Advertising spaces and their real worth before showing you how you can enter the contest and win these spots for FREE.


Advertising Spots


Home Page Popup Optin Form

Description – Popup Optin Form that you can use to generate targeted leads for your business directly from our site. Build your email list with the traffic that comes to “The JV”. As soon as someone comes you this website, you will get the chance to get them on your list with a Nice Optin Popup when you give them something of great value.

Price – $67/ day

Sidebar Optin Form

Description – Another great opportunity for you to build your email list directly from our site. In fact this is even better as this Optin form will appear all the time on all pages with sidebar. So visitors can subscribe anytime they want, Optin form will not disappear. Higher chance to get subscribers that takes action as people who are browsing the site, looking at the similar offer and checking out everything will see this, not the once who just open the front page and close the site.

Price – $67/ day

Featured Launches / Events

Description – Perfect to get extra attention towards your Product Launches Listing. Everyone will see your Premium Listing on a Special Featured Launches Page with a big banner and will catch more eye balls than normal listings. Launch Week is the perfect time to list your launches as Featured Launches to make the most out it.

Price – $50/ 7 day

Main Slider Banner Ad Space

Description– Showcase your offers in a nice clickable slider banner right on the front page of our website. This is not just limited to launches, You can showcase your Product Launches, Evergreen Offers, Services, Free Offers or almost anything that you have to offer. As soon as someone click on the slider, they will directly land on your offer. It also appears on the “Featured Launches” Page which makes this Slider Ad space even more special.

Price – $47/ day

Bottom Banner Ad Space

Description – This is the Only Ad space which will appear on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of this website. That means if you advertise here, your offer will be in front of website visitors ALL THE TIME, no matter what page they are on. Single click on the banners will take them to your offer and from there they are all yours. You can rent this space for any offer you have.

Price – $57/ day

Sidebar Banner Ad Space

Description – No traffic is better than highly targeted traffic. These banners are the right fit for you if you are looking to drive highly target traffic to your offers. This ads appear inside on the pages with sidebars. People who understand what The JV Managers and Internet Marketing is all about will be browsing those pages. Bang! now here you can show these people your offer with the banner Ads.

Price – $37/ day

Here’s How You Can Win the Contest And A Cool T-Shirt

As soon as you signup and verify your email, you will be registered for the contest. you will get Points as a signup bonus. Right on the Thank You page, you will see your referral link, which you can share with your friends and family members or can also can share on social media websites. Every time someone signup with your referral link, you will get some points.

  • You will also get 20 points as a signup bonus when you signup for the contest.
  • You will get 20 points when someone signup with your referral link.
  • Your referral gets 40 points when they signup with your referral link.
  • At the end of the contest, Top 10 Participants with the highest points will win the special prizes.

Contest Will End On March 18, 11 A.M. EST

TOP 3 Winners Will Get A Cool “JV Managers” T-Shirt

Here Are The Top 10 Prizes

Top 5 Winners Will Get Advertising Space For FREE


1st Prize – Worth $496

  • Main Lead Generation Popup – 2 days
  • Bottom Banner – 3 days
  • Main Slider – 3 days
  • Featured Launch – 7 Days
  • T-Shirt

2nd Prize – Worth $392

  • Sidebar Lead Generation Ad – 2 days
  • Bottom Banner – 2 days
  • Main Slider – 2 days
  • Featured Launch
  • T-Shirt

3rd Prize – Worth $258

  • Bottom Banner – 2 days
  • Main Slider – 2 days
  • Featured Launch
  • T-Shirt

4th Prize – Worth $168

  • Sidebar Banner – 2 days
  • Main Slider – 2 days

5th Prize – Worth $168

  • Sidebar Banner – 2days
  • Main Slider – 2 days

6 – 10 Winners Will Get 50% Discount Coupon Code


6th Prize – 1 Day Coupon Code

  • Main Lead Generation Popup
  • Bottom Banner
  • Main Slider
  • Featured Launch

7th Prize – 1 Day Coupon Code

  • Sidebar Lead Generation Ad
  • Bottom Banner
  • Main Slider
  • Featured Launch

8rd Prize – 1 Day Coupon Code

  • Bottom Banner
  • Main Slider
  • Featured Launch

9th Prize – 1 Day Coupon Code

  • Sidebar Banner
  • Main Slider

10th Prize – 1 Day Coupon Code

  • Sidebar Banner
  • Main Slider

Register For The Contest Below

Contest Rules:

  • You are not allowed to make any false claims in order to make people sign up through your referral link.
  • We hate spamming as much as you do and is completely prohibited.
  • Fake entries will be removed from the contest and will not be counted. No reward points will be given for the Fake Entries.
  • Contest Organizers has the right to make the final decision.

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