Get the Top Choice –

Grade A JVs with the JV ACCESS Plan


Launch without worry when you let The JV Managers do all the recruiting, management and continued affiliate buzz building for you with our most popular plan.

With the JV ACCESS Agenda we do it all for you.  Really, just look at this agenda of everything that is covered and tell me honestly, Do you wanna handle all this alone while preparing a launch? Hell no! Let us cover it for you.

Make a google sheet of JVs to contact, Create List of JV recruits to begin now, Decide JV Theme, Create graphics for FB groups, Write post for JV FB groups, Design Group posting list and posting dates and content, Post on Muncheye, Google doc of links needed for JV attraction

Begin personal connection with Top 20 JVs , Schedule 3 FB Lives for promos and Q&A, Post 3-5 groups a day, Decide access availability for JV approval, Create JV emails and schedule, Connect personally with affiliates, Distribute JV page, sales page, Distribute JV review link with discretion

Color code JV sheet – green = JV link approved, FB group for confirmed JVs with updates available, Send specialties bonuses Schedule video interviews

Continued updates till launch date, Entertain and buzz build within groups, JV emails, Update group postings, Have jvs comment excitement about launch

Launch week excitement, Have top JV post about EPC or # of sales, Update and buzz build with contest leaders, Posts of amount of sales and EPCs, JV email updates, PMs to JVs with standings and stats

Video or FB Live thanking all JVs, Announcing contest winners, Payout to leaderboard with Thank you, Final email update, Decide on recips and dates if needed, Send thank you PM to top JVs

DANG…That’s a load off your shoulders, right?

Seriously, can you be expected to handle all that while you are perfecting your product, building a sales pages, creating a members area, dealing with developers and putting out 57 fires that pop up during the launch process?

Let us handle the JV recruiting and management for you at a brain saving bargain of

$1995 JV invitation and notification service and 20% ongoing JV support service amount.

This is a SAVINGS of $3000 compared to our competitors upfront fees.